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At Family Tree Services LLC, we offer bushing services to help you keep your trees clean, safe and aesthetically pleasing. Limbing, also known as bushing, involves the selective removal of low or interior branches from a tree.

Our team of trained arboricultural professionals performs delimbing carefully and accurately, taking into account the specific needs of each tree and the customer’s preferences. We use proper tools and techniques to remove unwanted branches without compromising the health and integrity of the tree.

Bushing has several benefits. It helps improve the appearance of the tree by removing low branches that may obstruct visibility or interfere with nearby structures. In addition, removing diseased, dead or damaged branches promotes the overall health of the tree and reduces the risk of falling branches during adverse weather conditions.

It is important to note that limbing must be done properly and with consideration for the individual needs of each tree species. Our team of experts is trained to assess each situation and determine the optimal amount and location of limbs to be removed.

At Family Tree Services LLC, we are committed to providing quality arboricultural services with a focus on tree health and beauty. Trust us for limbing and other related services, and we’ll be happy to help you keep your trees looking their best.

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