At Family Tree Services LLC, we offer bushing services to help you keep your trees clean, safe and aesthetically pleasing. Limbing, also known as bushing, involves the selective removal of low or interior branches from a tree. Our team of trained arboricultural professionals performs delimbing carefully and accurately, taking into account the specific needs of […]

Tree Topping

At Family Tree Services LLC, we offer tree topping services for customers who wish to control the size or height of their trees. Tree topping involves selective pruning of the upper branches of a tree to reduce its height or lateral spread. Our team of arboricultural experts perform tree topping in a careful and professional […]

Stump Removal

Do you have tree stumps getting in the way of your yard or outdoor space? At Family Tree Services LLC, we offer professional stump removal services to help you get rid of those obstacles safely and efficiently. Our trained and experienced team uses specialized techniques and proper equipment to extract root stumps, leaving your area […]

Tree Trimming

Are you looking to improve the appearance and health of your trees? At Family Tree Services LLC, we offer professional tree trimming services to meet your needs. Our highly trained and experienced team will carefully trim the branches of your trees to improve their shape, encourage healthy growth, and reduce the risk of falling branches. […]

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